About Fortis Concrete Co.

About Fortis Concrete Co.

Fortis Concete Co. is the Treasure Valleys most trusted source for residential and commercial concrete installations. Because of the fact that we are extremely passionate about what we do, we are able to create the most outstanding service experience ever. This starts with the clients initial phone call or email, and continues through our industry best 2-year warranty on all concrete installations. In an industry that had developed a poor reputation for customer service and quality, we believe our dedication to the client experience is what sets us apart.

Why hire us?

Professional technicians

Our entire technician team is highly trained and skilled with all the latest knowledge and technology. They are all very respectful to our clients and treat them with the highest level of professionalism. We always work in teams to ensure that we deliver on time, and there is always a team ready to help you out and discus your ideas throughout the entire process to ensure satisfaction with every job.

We provide quality

We source our materials from the highest quality providers, with a custom engineered concrete mix design specific to each job. Because of our attention to detail, we are able to offer all our industry best warranty with each and every install. We vow that any unexpected issues should arise or corrections needed within the duration of the warranty, we shall correct them at no charge to the client. We have set certain quality control standards to ensure a long lasting, top quality concrete driveway for our clients.

Years of experience

With our years of experience, we have accumulated a vast knowledge that is important when completing unique, technical jobs. From proper knowledge of subgrades, reinforcement and drainage, to concrete mix designs and finishing techniques, we promise the best product available.

No hidden costs

During consultation, we give you a bid for the complete cost of the project. You will see a detailed outline of everything that is included (inclusions) as well as aspects not included (exclusions). If at any point during the process we mutually agree to change the scope of the job, this will be completed with a “change order” with exact changes and pricing. With us you can be sure that there are no hidden costs or surprises.

Excellent customer service

We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service in the industry, and we engage with our clients every step of the way. During the initial consultations, we explain all the details of the installation process as well as different options for your unique situation. After this first meeting, you will feel educated and confident with your decision to hire us for your customized needs.