Concrete Contractor Boise | Importance of Verifying Credentials

Licensed Concrete Contractor Boise | Importance of Verifying Credentials

If you are still pondering whether to hire a licensed and insured concrete contractor for your forthcoming project is of significant value, you are probably among the confused multitudes out there. Besides the often unmentioned risk of the entire project going awry, you will be subject to a lawsuit and any warranties from the state law will be null and void.

The enticing appeal from unlicensed concrete contractor’s producing lower than typical bid’s might do a lot to mask your eyes, but how important is it hiring a competent contractor? Why is it so valuable verifying credentials especially in the sprawling Boise, Idaho?

Importance of Hiring a Concrete Contractor with Valid Credentials

  1. While each state has its set of licensing rules and regulations, working with a licensed one offers that much-needed confidence that whoever is under your project is qualified. A concrete contractor with a license must have adhered to the minimal requirements relating to his line of work as per the jurisdiction. With a proof of insurance as a plus, you will be immune from several underlying risks too.
  2. If you are working with an unlicensed concrete contractor in Boise, the chances are that they are not complying with permit issuance and inspection requirement laws. Remember that in the first place, he’s breaking the law which can be detrimental if you are ever planning on selling the home. You aren’t better than a gambler since your house’s quality will be at the mercies of the houses inspector.
  3. It goes without say that hiring an unlicensed concrete contractor amounts to receiving poor workmanship. With a poorly constructed structure, you can only file warranty claims if the contractor is a licensed. Whereas virtually all states impose warranties for poor workmanship, it is only applicable if licensed. Working with an unlicensed contractor will be a case of double-tragedy might your project fail. You will suffer the lost time and valuables, and no one will compensate you.
  4. With the rapidly growing construction sector, competition is fierce and has in typical scenarios forced prices to drop. Skimping on the credentials, however, is the surest way to get shoddy work, a move that might cost a lot more in the long run. A licensed contractor is often aware of the requirements of the job and can even offer an estimate of the entire project. He isn’t money-hungry and is subject to liability.
  5. Imagine if with all the many workplace-related injuries, there’s no one to treat the injured? Such is the case of an unlicensed contractor who unsurprisingly won’t  have a worker’s compensation insurance. You ought to understand that if such occurs and the contractor doesn’t have an insurance cover, the entire medical bill is bestowed on your shoulder.

To be on the safe and avoid any potential hazards associated with hiring the incompetent, always insist on verifying their credentials. Idaho has a functional licensing board with all the vital data about all the qualified contractors throughout the state.

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