Sealing Concrete-Protect and Enhance

Sealing Concrete

Sealing concrete can be one of the most important aspects to improve new and existing concrete patios, walkways and driveways. Homeowners with new or existing concrete, grey or decorative, should seal the surface every 2-3 years. On a regular schedule, this will maintain the integrity of the product.

With the ever changing climate of Boise and the surrounding area, it is important to protect outdoor concrete surfaces. Concrete is a very permeable surface and falls victim to neglect and is far to often forgotten. Driveways, more often than not, are a basic grey surface, that most homeowners don’t think of protecting. Sealing concrete driveways is the most important aspect to add to longevity. Along with sealing concrete, there are options to add stain with sealer as a very economic option to enhance curb appeal and value.

Protect and Enhance

Below is an example of a customer who instead of replacing a neglected driveway of 10+ years, went with a “remodel”. This consisted of a light stain and reseal option at a fraction of the cost, and turned this into a beautiful project.

IMG_3080 IMG_3086

Aside from the colored and decorative options, sealing concrete driveways at the most basic level will protect for years to come. Grey concrete is structurally identical to decorative. This means that it is equally important to protect and seal grey concrete the same. The best time to do this would be summer and fall, ideally before the upcoming winter.

Sealing Concrete-Protect from Winter

To many homeowners do not understand why their concrete is chipping and spalling. This is especially true when looking at driveways and walkways. With the harsh winters and the high use of deicing salt, our driveways and walkways are exposed to the most wear of all concrete surfaces. Sealing concrete on a regular basis can protect from the harsh winters while enhancing the beauty of the surface.

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